We are thrilled to launch a new season of the internship program at WACC on September 19th, 2022! This is a leadership development program designed to be an emotionally safe and effective training ground for emerging leaders (18-25 years old). The internship is an opportunity to grow in character and competency as they seek to bring Jesus to people, and People to Jesus. This happens through weekly small group meetings, 1 on 1 mentorship, exposure to new ideas, time in prayer, and serving at WACC in the department of your choice.


    August 21st, 2022


    August 22nd-September 1st, 2022


    September 4th, 2022


    September 19, 2022


What departments are available for me to intern with?
  • Local Engagement Team
  • Biblical diversity 
  • Global missions
  • Short term missions trips
  • Junior High
  • Young adults Ministry
  • Tech and Production Team
  • Welcome team/hospitality
  • Facilities
  • High school
  • Children 
  • Small Groups
  • Videography
What are the dates of the internship?

Our internships begin on September 19th, 2022, and end on Sunday, May 7th, 2023.

Who should apply?

Any young adult (aged 18-25) who is interested to grow as a leader and follower of Jesus.

What is the weekly commitment?

Interns will spend 15 hours per week serving at WACC. 10 of those hours will be dedicated to a specific ministry, and the remaining 5 hours will be focused on the intern’s individual leadership development.

What experiences are provided for interns?

Interns will benefit from activities such as retreats, $200 spending on self-development books, curriculum, and opportunities to volunteer in various ministries. Interns who complete the program in a satisfactory manner will qualify to get a $500 scholarship.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email our Internship supervisor Chris Cox: chris@wacc.net


The internship was an opportunity I am forever grateful for. I grew as an individual by gaining new knowledge about my faith that challenged me to grow as a servant whether I was interacting with the kids on Sundays, at our intern meeting listening to others share and being present for them, or even just creating a safe place for having meaningful conversations with others in my life.

I loved becoming more familiar with the junior high ministry, working with the kids, and being surrounded by such supportive staff. I gained a group of like-minded individuals as friends, the chance to grow deeper in my faith by serving, volunteering, and learning to communicate better among peers.

The internship was helpful in ways, such as growing my relationship with Jesus, but also getting to form new friendships embedded within the church.

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2021-2022 Interns

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