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When is the right time for a couple to invest in relationship skills training?

Newly Married? Celebrating 15 years or more? It is never too soon or too late to learn these skills! It's clear that couples shouldn't wait until they're in crisis mode to get relationship skills training, but what should they do? Couples should seek relationship skills training long before they think they "need" to. Most experts believe that relationship skills training can be an important part of your marriage. Most issues within a couple start small and then grow in size when they don't get resolved. This is where relationship skills training can help, by giving tools and techniques to improve conflict resolution. Rather than viewing relationship skills training as the solution to a crisis, look at it as an integral aspect of a healthy life. Every couple should take preventive measures to maintain health in their relationship, just like going to the doctor for regular check-ups. Communication is a central concern for couples. Simply talking with each other more isn't the answer. Effective communication, especially during moments of conflict or disagreement, is a skill that can make the difference between growing apart or growing together. MarriageCORE is a relationship skills training program that promotes relationship health and effective communication. Join us for a small group experience this winter.

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Couples share their experience in MarriageCORE
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Does your marriage need a tune up? Do you need help to improve communication? A good marriage honors God and helps you grow as a Christian. Research shows a strong marriage brings greater well-being, more financial stability, better health, and longer lives. Here are some resources that can be checked out from the WACC office. Contact Chris Cox


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