Through four core programs, Health Partnership empowers individuals and families in our community to make better health decisions and to use health resources wisely. These programs include:

  • Health Counseling
  • Health Advocacy
  • Health Resources and Referrals
  • Health Education

Our Services

Wellness Events

One of our goals is to promote wellness within our community. One way we do that is by offering wellness events that focus on health promotion and disease prevention. We are currently conducting monthly Blood Pressure Screenings and hosting quarterly American Red Cross Blood Drives. We hope you'll join us at one of our upcoming events. 

Health Counseling

We sit down one-on-one with individuals to help convey how one’s lifestyle, attitudes, and faith impact his or her health and wellbeing. We also provide personal guidance, support and resources to address a variety of subjects, including medication questions, disease management, diagnostic testing, healthcare coverage, end-of-life decisions, care for the aging, how to communicate with physicians and many more.

Health Advocacy

As health consumers, we are often confused by the medical language used by health care professionals, we don’t know what questions to ask, or we just can’t access information and services that we need. In a healthcare system that is complex and difficult to navigate, Health Partnership offers information and education that helps individuals understand their options and provides the tools needed to take an active role in their personal health.

Community Connections

Finding helpful services and support is imperative to experiencing good health. And we know, navigating the maze to find that information can be overwhelming. We act as a liaison by identifying and connecting individuals with appropriate resources, organizations and government agencies that can provide valuable information and guidance.

I can't thank you enough for having [the Health Advocacy Volunteer] go alongside me today. She was wonderful—listening, taking notes and asking questions... What an answer to prayer. Thanks for listening to God's call and responding with Health Partnership.

-Health Advocacy Recipient

Words can't express how grateful I am for all your support and encouragement during this challenging time for all of us. You are truly a humble servant with incredible gifts to help others. We are forever thankful for all you have done for our family.

-Health Counseling & Advocacy Recipient's Family

Thank you so much for giving your class on healthcare. It was very informative and helpful, not only for my daughter's problems but also some great counsel for dealing with my health issues too. God bless you.

-Health Education Participant

I have had the pleasure of interacting professionally with Health Partnership, an advocacy group working for several of my geriatric patients... I have seen directly the benefits of this program and how it has positively impacted the the lives and health of my own patients. Support of this organization will improve the lives of many in the community.

-Geriatric Medicine/Family Practice Doctor

I would never have known about my health issues in time to get early treatment without Health Partnership. I am extremely grateful for that 'divine appointment' made possible by the people working at Health Partnership. God bless you all.

-Cancer Screening Recipient

Upcoming Wellness Events

About Us

Founded in 1998, Health Partnership is a Faith Community Nurse Program serving Whittier Area Community Church and its surrounding community. A growing movement in churches across the country, Faith Community Nursing provides a wholistic approach to wellness focused on health promotion and disease prevention while intentionally addressing spiritual health as well. At a time when the healthcare system has become increasingly complex and difficult, families need advocacy and resources to help them navigate the twists and turns of this unfamiliar territory. While we don’t personally provide medical services or in-home healthcare, we do provide guidance, support and connections to services that do.

Over the last 20 years serving our community, we have built strong working relationships with a variety of service and support organizations. Our network also extends to professionals working in the areas of healthcare, housing services, special education, end-of-life care, senior support and more. Through these connections we're able to act as a liaison to getting people the best care they need—and deserve.  

In addition to connecting people with services and professionals, we engage members of the community to serve as volunteer advocates who offer support from their personal experiences. We’ve found that these personal connections are invaluable to navigating any health situation and is a unique value of Health Partnership.

Thank You for Your Support

Through the generosity of people like you, our work has impacted the lives of many in our community. Your tax-deductible donation to Health Partnership helps us continue to provide free Faith Community Nursing services to families that need help navigating the complex healthcare system.

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