Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 

- 1 John 3:18

• GO •



Go into the community. Serve our neighbors. Love those around us.

Year round you have the opportunity to Go Serve Love. We invite you to respond to God’s grace in our lives by engaging in 4 ways:

1. Volunteer

Serve Locally

Take a look at the opportunity finder below and sign up to volunteer at a project or event that benefits our community! 

Don’t see anything that fits your schedule or interest? Sign up to volunteer with another non-profit and let us know how it goes using the “Volunteer on my own” option!

2. Learn

Serve Locally

Take time to learn about one or more of WACC’s community partners. The community based organizations we partner with are doing amazing work to help the vulnerable all year long. You can help make a difference in the lives of those around you by becoming more familiar with these organizations and stepping forward to serve, support, or direct others to them. 

Be sure to look at the organization’s website when you sign up to volunteer at a project below! 

3. Donate

Serve Locally

WACC’s community partners and outreach ministries often hear about unique needs felt by the community they serve. Join us in meeting those needs by donating requested items or giving to the Love Whittier Fund.

Donations include gently used clothing, hygiene items, new socks and underwear, twin size blankets and sheets.  Gift-in-kind donations may be shipped or brought to WACC.

4. Be A Good Neighbor

Serve Locally

Bake cookies for your neighbor or coworkers. Write a note thanking someone older for the impact they made in your life. Help your kids draw happy art and messages in chalk at the park. Look for ways to be a good neighbor and share acts of kindness both with strangers and those you know. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of more ideas to show God’s kindness in your own neighborhood 🙂


Good neighboring and kindness ideas you can do on your own:

  • Bake cookies and deliver them to a neighbor, coworker, or teacher. Better yet, invite them over to bake with you and get to know them more!
  • Write a note to someone who has made an impact in your life thanking them
  • Help your kids to draw happy pictures and kind messages in chalk at the park or on paper to leave for delivery people at your door
  • Offer to watch a neighbor’s kids play outdoors to give the parents a break
  • Pay it forward in the drive-thru, at the coffee shop, or even pay for the next person’s oil change at your next vehicle servicing
  • Rake a neighbor’s lawn or offer to wash their car when doing your own
  • Deliver a coffee or a treat to someone unexpectedly
  • Set up a snack station for delivery people at your front door
  • Buy flowers or a candy bar at the grocery store for the cashier
  • Help someone out of work to update their resume
  • Pick up 10 pieces of trash in your neighborhood, at a park, or on a hiking trail
  • Tip wait staff extra if you eat out or order food
  • Help a friend who is moving
  • Sit with someone who is sitting alone at church, school, or sporting event
  • Call someone who is isolated at home and get to know them
  • Go on a walk in your neighborhood and greet the people you see
  • Bring in a neighbor's trash cans
  • Let another drive take the spot
Share pictures of you, your family, or grow group serving our community. Got a story to tell? Email Mona at
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