Bring hope and joy to someone in need this Christmas by providing a gift or volunteering at a community event.
More info on the patio Sundays or view our Amazon Wishlist below through Dec 3.


Ideas for acts of kindness and meeting needs in your own community:

  • Pay it forward in the drive-thru, at the coffee shop, or even pay for the next person’s oil change at your next vehicle servicing!
  • Offer to watch a neighbor’s kids play outdoors to give the parents a break
  • Rake a neighbor’s lawn or offer to wash their car
  • Deliver a coffee to someone’s home unexpectedly
  • Have a meal delivered to someone quarantining 
  • Set up a snack station for delivery people at your front door
  • Buy flowers or a candy bar at the grocery store for the cashier
  • Send a postcard to someone you have not seen in a while to let them know you are thinking of them
  • Help someone out of work to update their resume
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood, at a park, or on a hiking trail
  • Tip wait staff extra if you eat out or order food!
  • Help a friend who is moving
  • Call someone who is isolating at home to keep them encouraged
  • Go on a shopping spree on our Amazon wishlist for people in need
  • Share your own idea and how you served in the box above!

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