All of us have doubts. Churches too often approach such questions as a danger to our faith. But what Scripture teaches is that our doubts can serve a path toward a richer and deeper encounter with God.

Week 1 - Doubt

Discover that our doubts can actually help deepen our faith in God when we bring them to Him.

Week 2 - Pain and Suffering

Suffering and tragedy are often the main reason many of us doubt. We discover how the Scriptures guide us in responding.

Week 3 - The Bible

Is the Bible reliable? How can we be sure? We take a look at common questions and consider the evidence.

Week 4 - Unanswered Prayer

How do we respond when it feels like God isn't answering our prayers? Sports Jam celebration service.

Week 5 - Is Heaven Real?

Research shows that close to 80% believe in some form of the afterlife. So what will heaven be like and can we experience it now?