Jesus has called his followers to a different kind of life. One that puts more focus on we and less on me.

Week 1 - The invitation to the life of we.

God's grand design for his people is the life of we. In this message we look at Jonah who was only concerned with himself.


Week 2 - The blessing of we.

God loves you and cares for you more than you could ever imagine. We look at God's blessing over us so we can be a blessing to others.


Week 3 - Finding your we.

Part of being created in the image of God is that we are made for community/relationship. So how do you find a community to belong?


Week 4 - Baptism Sunday.

"Look, here is water. What can stand in the way of me being baptized?" A spontaneous call to be baptized and rejoice.


Week 5 - Do This Everyday

Bill Ankerberg leads us through the job description of the Christian in the life lived choosing we not me.


Week 6 - For The Benefit of Others

Every member is a minister belonging to the body with gifts to serve, love and care for each other.