God is calling and empowering you to be the thread that illuminates the world around you.

Week 1 - The Thread

Then the Word became flesh and was a light in the darkness. Now in these last days we bring the light as a city on a hill.

Week 2 - What Covers The Light

Each of us has a light. But fear can dim that light. What we can learn from the responses of Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds.

Week 3 - Lighting The Way Home

The Light has come to show us the way to the Father. As children of God we must remember that we carry a light for others.

Week 4 - How The Light Comes

The light has come dwelling among us. Born powerless and in weakness to identify with us in our powerlessness and weakness.

Christmas Day - The Favor Found At Christmas

In the Christmas story we find favor for all involved. And thousands of years later that favor rests on us as well.