We all have movements in life when we wish God would “show us a sign” that he is there. The disciple John recorded seven specific signs, that Jesus showed him, that reveal that not only is God here, but that he has the power to bring change to the most challenging of situations.

Week 1 - Water Into Wine

Have you ever reached a point in your life where it feels like the joy in your life has run out? The best is yet to come.

Week 2 - A Word Stronger Than A Sign

The story of a desperate man whose life will change when he takes Jesus at his word. The best is yet to come when all hope is lost.

Week 3 - The Man At The Pool

The signs and vices people put their hope in often hold us back from the life we yearn to live. Jesus offers a better way.

Week 4 - The Equation For A Miracle

In our moments of need the answers we look for seem improbable. An improbable solution is how Jesus often meets the greatest needs.

Week 5 - A Sign on Stormy Sea

When we invite Jesus into our boats in the middle of the storm, he has the power to calm the wind and waves.

Week 6 - Healing The Blind Man

What does it mean to know someone? Jesus performs signs to illuminate who He is that we might see Him in deeper ways.

Week 7 - From Death to Life

Perspective changes how we view seasons of life. When the divine meets the human perspective, we are left with a greater revelation.