Study what Scripture says about restoring our weary souls and becoming resilient with the ability to endure through difficult times.

Week 1 - Keep Your Head and Don't Panic

Being Resilient means having the ability to endure and bounce back from difficulties. The ability to endure means living in the right story.

Week 2 - Pray For the Strength to Overcome

Hardships will occur, there’s no doubt about it. But praying for strength will help us not to be overcome.

Week 3 - Receiving Resilience Through Rest

Busy busy busy. This is the rhythm of life. But if we are going to be resilient and in it for the long haul then we need to practice rest.⁣

Week 4 - Free From the Weight of Bitterness

The weight of bitterness is heavy. It will weigh you down on the road to being resilient.

Week 5 - Resilience In Relationships

To make it for the long haul we can’t go alone. We are better together and if we are going to be resilient we’re going to need each other.