Discussing questions that are often avoided in church.

Week 1 - Pain & Suffering With A Good God

How do we understand pain and suffering in light of an all-powerful and good God.


Week 2 - Sexuality & The Bible

How do we understand our sexuality, its nature, and desires. We take a look at healthy sexuality and ways to navigate finding healing.


Week 3 - Politics

Nothing brings division quite like politics. How are we to live through the destructiveness of political discourse? With Christian civility.


Week 4 - Mental Health

Looking at what the Scriptures have to say about mental illness and sickness and how can we better support each others mental health.


Week 5 - Dysfunction In Families

Issues arise for every family and if left unaddressed can lead to dysfunction and turmoil. We look at the devastation in David's family.


Week 6 - Doubt

Doubt is thought to belong to those outside of faith. But what about doubting from within? We look at John the Baptist and his doubt.


Week 7 - Hypocrisy In The Church

As followers of Jesus we all bear the opportunity to represent Jesus. Often we find ourselves hurt by those who fall short of that calling.


Week 8 - Racism & God's Global Church

Scripture has been used throughout history to oppress people groups. But diversity and inclusion is the heart of God.