Small daily habits can lead to big results. We're exploring the benefits of spiritual disciplines in our relationship with God.

Week 1 - Refreshed By Time Alone With God

In a busy world with all the hustle and bustle of life happening its important to stop. In this message we look at the practice of silence and solitude and how making space to connect with God is needed for a healthy spiritual life.


Week 2 - Renewed in Relationships

Christianity is meant to be lived with one another. Having a close group is essential when it comes to sharing different seasons of life.

Week 3 - Refined By God's Word

Throughout the Bible we are told about the importance of internalizing and meditating on Scripture in becoming like Jesus.

Week 4 - Rested In God's Rhythm

We find rest modeled for us through the scriptures. When we learn to settle down and rest we find ourselves operating in God's design.

Week 5 - Habit of Generosity

Discover what it means to be a generous giver as we look at the model and habit of grace giving.

Week 6 - Showing & Sharing Your Faith

Showing and sharing your faith is at the very center of Jesus' mission for his disciples.