Humility is the ultimate standard of what it means to be great in the Kingdom of God. So why then does it seem that humility seems to be more and more absent among those who call themselves Christians? "DiscipleShift" is a series where we will learn how to grow as humble followers of Jesus in a world that is often tilted toward pride.

Week 1 - Humble Discipleshift.

We are called to be disciples of Jesus. But what does that look like? In this message we look at the markers for a follower of Jesus. 


Week 2 - Humble Ambassadors

Dr. Tim Muehlhoff shares about the shift within us that must take place as we engage in discussions that often cause division.


Week 3 - "Be With" Discipleship

Often we find ourselves tired and worn out. So what is missing? Discipleship invites us to healthier rhythms with different results.


Week 4 - Political DiscipleShift

In a political climate that is shifting towards disruption and polarization, how does a disciple become more like Jesus?


Week 5 - DiscipleShift in Love

The primary mark of a disciple of Christ is love. It is because we are covered in the love of Christ we in turn love others.


Week 6 - A DiscipleShift in Dealing With Loss

Navigating seasons of grief can be difficult. What does the Bible say about grief? We dive into how to journey in these seasons well.


Week 7 - A Ready Disciple

How do we live as a disciples in a time of war and conflict? We look at how Jesus prepared the disciples to endure tumultuous times.


Week 8 - Sexual DiscipleShift

We often think about discipleship as a spiritual process. But Paul instructs us to offer our whole bodies, our whole being to God.


Week 9 - A DiscipleShift In Mission

Every follower of Jesus is called to be on mission. We aren't called to go to church but to be the church by bringing life to where we are.


Week 10 - A DiscipleShift In Making Disciples

Making a disciple happens in both a moment and a lifetime. It isn't a formulaic process but embodied through intentional relationships.


Week 11 - A Shift Towards Generous Simplicity

We often think about stewardship with wealth, but Jesus speaks of caring and intentionality in the economy of all things we influence.