Discover that God's best work through us is born out of brokenness.

Week 1 - Beautifully Comforted

What if God's greatest work in your life doesn't flow from your greatest "win", but from your greatest weakness?⁣


Week 2 - Beautifully Sincere

Our trials, pain and suffering serve a purpose in our faith. It gives off a scent and aroma to God as He is leading us to a place of victory.

Week 3 - Beautifully Filled

When life shatters you, God’s love still shines within us and through the cracks to the rest of the world. ⁣⁣

Week 4 - Beautifully Chosen

We are living in a foreign land and pointing all who may look towards us to where our citizenship stands, in the Kingdom of Heaven.⁣⁣

Week 5 - Beautifully Open

Virtues of patience, love, kindness and truthfulness are being built up inside and displayed to the world as we endure through troubles.

Week 6 - Beautifully Weak

Paul spread the Gospel not through his exhilarating experiences but his excruciating experiences. Paul leaned on the words of Jesus.

Week 7 - Beautiful Sacrifice

What does encountering the love of Jesus require of us? That we would be a living sacrifice in all we do and that is considered our worship to God.⁣