Explore some intimidating questions in careful and thoughtful ways with the Scriptures as our lens.

Week 1 - How Do We Know God Exists

Looking at reasonable arguments and ideas for the existence of God.


Week 2 - Is The Bible Reliable

The scriptures call us to find its reliability in its formational impact. We are invited to “come and see” that God is good.

Week 3 - Is Christianity Oppressive To Women

God’s original design, Jesus’ interaction and empowering of women and the equal role both men and women had in the New Testament.

Week 4 - Is Suicide The Unforgivable Sin

Thoughts of self harm don’t come from God but from the enemy. But God reaches out to save and rescue.

Week 5 - What Does God Want Me To Do

Finding our destination and plan in Jesus. After we have learned that truth then what comes next doesn't have to be overwhelming.⁣

Week 6 - Where Is God In Times Of Pain

How is God still moving in the events that cause us to ask where is he in the times it feels like we need him most. ⁣

Week 7 - Does God Care Who I Sleep With

the dignity of each one of us has as Jesus raises the bar on what it means to live sexually faithful. ⁣⁣

Week 8 - Is Jesus The Only Way To God

Jesus makes claims about himself that makes a clear distinction as to whether he was a great teacher as some claim, or God.