Ángel Ruiz has been in ministry for 31 years in various capacities including: Young Life, Urban Youth Workers Institute, a Rescue Mission, directing camps, pastoring, church planting, missionary, consultant, speaker, trainer, and executive coach. To create a movement of church planters and leaders a Bible school in Huatulco, Oaxaca was launched in January 2021, in conjunction with two other ministries, Vino y Aceite based in Tecate and Agape Church in Huatulco. The goal is to help train up and commission leaders, sending them to various parts of Oaxaca to plant churches and serve their respective communities. Ángel serves as a consultant offering vision, guidance and leadership. The ministry in Oaxaca is bringing continual improvement to leaders in this movement. Ángel’s calling is to raise up a generation of urban leaders who are equipped to lead transformational change movements.