WACC Life Journal Tools


An Introduction

At Whittier Area Community Church, we believe every person is more than just skin and bones. Each individual has a soul and is created for the abundant life that Jesus promised.

A journal can be a tool to help develop your soul, while you practice following Jesus and explore His purpose for your life. You can use it to keep notes on Sunday messages, and to support you in reading your Bible between Sundays. This habit will equip you to live out WACC’s three key steps for following God:

  • Come & Worship on weekends at WACC. We gather together to understand God’s Story and our place in it, to be reminded of Jesus’ love, and to gain guidance and insight offered to all.
  • Connect & Grow during the week in your Community Group or other small group. In our groups, we prayerfully listen to what God says through His Word and walk through life together.
  • Go & Serve to honor God’s call to respond generously out of our love for Him and for those around us. Knowing our purpose, we use our gifts and resources to change the world.

We invite everyone interested in life at WACC to make time for these personal practices:

PRAYER: Spend time in talking to and listening to the Holy Spirit.

PRIVATE BIBLE TIME: Read portions of the Bible on your own between Sundays.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Think and write about what caught your attention or came to mind as you process your response to a message, some reading, prayers, experiences, and questions.

PEACE & QUIET: Finding moments to be silent before God.

The WACC Life Journal Online Tools will assist you as set up your own journal to strengthen your walk with God. These tools can be used with any notebook or journal you find to use that suits you. We hope you discover that these resources are helpful as you read your Bible in the days to come. Thank you for seeking God with us at WACC.

You will find three Bible reading plan options in the tools. If you are looking for a guide for reading your Bible daily for the year, choose a plan that fits you best. You can begin on any date and start from there.

The New Testament Plan moves through 1-2 chapters per day, finishing the entire New Testament in a year, including going through a few important books twice.

The WACC Life Reading Plan takes you through the entire Bible in a year, including a few important New Testament books twice. You will read an average of 3 chapters per day.

The One-Two Reading Plan, averaging 4 chapters per day, guides you through the Old Testament once and the entire New Testament twice in one year.




Highlights to Remember

When you encounter a meaningful passage, message, or event in your life, and you’ve recorded it in the journal you have chosen to use as your WACC Life Journal, you may want to remember it for days to come. You can set up 1-2 pages as your Significant Moments pages to create a list of highlights in your relationship to God and His church body. Log the title and page number of these significant entries from the journal to find them quickly later. It is encouraging to look back and see the work of God in your life. Here is an example:





You can set up your journal anyway that works for you. It is suggested that you include:
  • Date
  • Scripture Passage/Message Title
  • Observations/Insights/Notes
  • My Thoughts/Questions to Share with My Community Group
  • My Next Steps
  • My Prayer