Thanksgiving Global Partner Offering 2018

Thanksgiving Global Partner Offering 2018

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As the weather begins to cool down and the leaves begin to change colors, we are reminded of the change in seasons. We leave the warmth and slower-paced life of Summer behind and turn to the coolness and fast-paced days of Fall. Many of our global partners are finding themselves in transitional seasons of life as well. Some are going through adjustments to a new ministry, a new life stage, a new location, and some to seasons of serious medical challenges.

Seasons often bring challenges along with things to celebrate, as is the case with our WACC Global Partners. The following are some of the ministry highlights from each region this year that we wanted to celebrate:

• 74 young girls rescued from child marriages in Africa
• 7 kids accepted Christ at soccer camp in Europe
• 5 survivors of human trafficking safely relocated in the U.S.
• 10 adults baptized in Latin America
• 1,500 meals prepared for Marines before weekly Bible studies in Asia
• 70 people from 7+ countries attending weekly fellowship

One of the ways that we encourage and partner with our 37 Global Partner families is in prayer. Please take home the postcards that will be available on Sunday, November 18th as a reminder to pray for our Global Partners- for encouragement, for protection, and for blessing.

Another way you can encourage and support our Global Partners is to give to the Thanksgiving Offering, which then becomes our Christmas gift to our Global Partners.

You can give one of three ways:
• Using the green envelope in our mailing
• By giving online at
• In service, using the provided envelope on Sunday, November 18th

Thank you for caring for our Global Partners in this special way; Your generosity is known around the world and it means so much!

Join us on Sunday, November 18th as we bless this offering!

On behalf of our Global Partners, thank you for your generosity!